Welcome to Sino-UK Educational Service

Sino-UK Educational Service Ltd is a limited company founded in 1999 by the UK trained Chinese scholars. It established a collaborative relationship with CCPN Global (UK) in 2014. The Sino-UK Educational Service's business covers the following fields:

  • Organising professional study tours
  • Conducting senior level training
  • Arranging international conferences
  • Hosting Chinese tour groups to the UK and Europe
  • Providing services for students who wish to study abroad
  • Managing Winter and Summer Camps
  • Advising investment immigration
  • Liaising in bilateral trade


中英教育服务中心 (Sino-UK Educational Service Ltd) 是由旅英学者于1999年创办的有限 责任公司。它于2014年与全球中国比较研究会 (英国) 建立了合作伙伴关系。中英教育服务中心的主要业务涵盖以下八个领域:
  • 组织专业考察
  • 举办高级培训
  • 安排国际会议
  • 提供留学服务
  • 经营冬夏令营
  • 接待英欧旅游
  • 咨询投资移民
  • 中介双边贸易